Dragon Ball GT - Baby Saga

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ドラゴンボールGT - Baby Saga
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Title:Dragon Ball GT - Baby Saga
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date: 2006-11-09
Season Number: 2
Total Episodes: 25
Stars: Masako Nozawa (Son Gohan/Son Gokū/Son Goten (voices)), Takeshi Kusao (Trunks (voice)), Ryou Horikawa (Vegeta (voice)), Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo (voice))
Ten years have passed since Goku left his friends and family to hone his skills. But Goku soon finds himself helpless against the mystical power of the Dragon Balls and an accidental wish made by the devious Emperor Pilaf. His desire; that Goku once again become a child! Not daunted by this small setback, Goku, together with Trunks, and his own granddaughter Pan, blast off into the outer reaches of space in search of the mysterious Blackstar Dragon Balls. But these Dragon Balls have a fatal secret: if not collected within one year Earth will be destroyed.
Seasons List
  • Season 1 (64 episode) - February 07, 1996
  • Season 2 (25 episode) - November 09, 2006
  • Season 3 (24 episode) - March 12, 1997

Episodes List

Giru's Checkered Past

Episode 1 : Giru's Checkered Past

Giru convinces Trunks to land on his home planet,...
November 09, 2006
Pan's Gambit

Episode 2 : Pan's Gambit

Giru convinces Trunks to land on his home planet,...
November 10, 2006
Unexpected Power

Episode 3 : Unexpected Power

Trunks comes to and brings Pan back to the...
November 10, 2006
A General Uprising

Episode 4 : A General Uprising

Goku arrives at the ship just before General...
November 13, 2006
The Source of Rilldo's Power

Episode 5 : The Source of Rilldo's Power

Goku and Rilldo continue to fight, but Rilldo...
November 13, 2006
A Secret Revealed

Episode 6 : A Secret Revealed

Goku and Rilldo continue their fight. Pan shows...
August 14, 1996
The Baby Secret

Episode 7 : The Baby Secret

Dr. Myuu's special creation is an evil robot...
August 21, 1996
Hidden Danger

Episode 8 : Hidden Danger

Giru restores their ship, and they take off....
August 21, 1996
Discovering The Truth

Episode 9 : Discovering The Truth

Thinking the explosion was an accident, Goku...
October 09, 1996
Baby's Arrival

Episode 10 : Baby's Arrival

Goku, Trunks, and Pan find the seven-star ball,...
October 09, 1996
Saiyan Hunting

Episode 11 : Saiyan Hunting

Goten and Baby begin to fight. Baby baits Goten...
October 23, 1996
The Attack on Vegeta

Episode 12 : The Attack on Vegeta

Baby, as Gohan, finds Vegeta and Bulla driving...
October 23, 1996
A Worldwide Problem

Episode 13 : A Worldwide Problem

Goku, Trunks, and Pan finally arrive back on...
November 06, 1996
The Fall of The Saiyans

Episode 14 : The Fall of The Saiyans

While Baby and Goku fight, Buu eats Hercule and...
November 13, 1996
The Game After Life

Episode 15 : The Game After Life

Just before Baby's Revenge Death Ball could hit...
December 11, 1996
Collapse From Within

Episode 16 : Collapse From Within

Goku discovers that Sugoro has been cheating with...
January 08, 1997
The Return of Uub

Episode 17 : The Return of Uub

From Pan, Uub discovers that his friend and...
January 15, 1997
The Tail's Tale

Episode 18 : The Tail's Tale

As Majuub and Baby begin to fight on the Tuffle...
January 15, 1997
Back in The Game

Episode 19 : Back in The Game

Fully transformed into a Golden Great Ape through...
January 15, 1997
Goku's Ascension

Episode 20 : Goku's Ascension

Again, Goku is seen transforming from a Golden...
February 05, 1997
The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks

Episode 21 : The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks

The Super Saiyan 4 Goku and the Golden Great Ape...
February 02, 1997
Old Kai's Last Stand

Episode 22 : Old Kai's Last Stand

Goku's Kamehameha wave has a delayed effect, and...
February 19, 1997
Family Bonds

Episode 23 : Family Bonds

Goku can no longer avoid Baby, and he gets...
February 26, 1997
Baby Put To Rest

Episode 24 : Baby Put To Rest

Now that he's at full power, Goku is much...
March 05, 1997
Piccolo's Decision

Episode 25 : Piccolo's Decision

Vegeta decides to evacuate the Earth's population...
November 24, 2006